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Our Favourite Apps for Health and Fitness Goals

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Olivia Ensor

Nowadays smart phones are deemed bad for our wellness, which in part is true, but only when we utilise them in the wrong way and our screen time is dedicated to unhealthy social media habits. Now more than ever we are finding ourselves stuck for motivation and connection to the outside world, that's where the App Store comes into play!

There are a plethora of apps out there designed to motivate, connect and inspire. We hope that you try some of our favourite apps - it could be the start of a fantastic relationship with your phone and your lifestyle!

Here are our top 4:


Strava isn't just for tracking your running or cycling routes, it's an opportunity to connect with people around the world, compete for the top spot on the leaderboards, congratulate others on their triumphs, and take part in challenges to fill your virtual trophy case!

We are a huge fan of Strava, so much so that we have our own Strava Club - Nuzest UK. We have already hosted 2 challenges, both of which had awesome turnouts! Be sure to join us for upcoming challenges and the opportunity to gain exclusive access to discounted products.


This app is the Netflix of the health world. You can train along with your favourite fitness instructors, discover fresh and upcoming coaches, and learn all there is to know about your nutrition, sleep, and mind. If you're missing your PT sessions or yogi meet-ups, this is the perfect app for you! Share sweaty selfies, ask your coach questions directly, and be notified when a new workout is uploaded. It's just like the gym but without the hefty price tag.

...and if you're an instructor yourself, you can bring your clients to you while in the comfort of their own homes - perfect under our current circumstances!

Waking Up

Many of us without a doubt practice meditation without understanding the theory behind it. For some, meditation seems almost pointless, and that's because the core understanding hasn't been grasped, just like your teachers would say at school - you have to understand it to learn it!

With this app, you'll not only feel at peace and less stressed, but you'll begin to develop your own practice based upon what you learn. With an introductory course to meditation, as well as lessons and conversations from teachers and lecturers from around the world, you'll question why you didn't downloads this app sooner. Being a renowned neuroscientist, it makes sense that Sam Harris designed this app with the science of your mind as a predominant focus.


During these unprecedented times it's important that we care for ourselves, with a little TLC. Journaling your thoughts, fears and worries has been shown to reduce levels of stress, increase mood, boost your cognitive ability and even improve your immune function. Jour is the daily self-care journal app that makes therapy more accessible; with interactive guides designed to improve confidence, gratitude, and address anxiety, loneliness, and goal-setting. And just like your therapist, Jour is confidential - a place to escape.

A blank page doesn't seem so daunting with this app.