Clean Lean Protein Functional Flavours

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Clean Lean Protein flavoured with traditional functional ingredients like Turmeric, Matcha green tea and Coconut. Celý popis



Nuzest Clean Lean Protein Functional Flavours – plant protein with even more purpose!

We’ve taken ingredients from centuries-old traditional medicine and blended them with Nuzest Clean Lean Protein to create a great-tasting, high protein shake (19g per serving) with added functional benefits to help you perform at your peak.

Choose from three delicious flavours:

Chai, Turmeric + Maca

Vanilla Matcha

Coffee, Coconut + MCTs

Available in both 225g and 500g size tubs. 100% natural, vegan and free from gluten, dairy, soy, GMOs and lectins and compatible with a Paleo diet. Each ingredient is carefully and sustainably selected from the highest-grade sources and included in meaningful doses.

It is a great value per serving – giving you 19g of Clean Lean Protein & the highest-grade functional ingredients in meaningful amounts.

How to use

Take one or more servings per day depending on your diet and activity level. Add two scoops (25g) to 250ml water, coconut water, or your choice of milk (e.g. almond, coconut or soy) and shake until smooth and creamy.




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What’s in Clean Lean Protein?

Simply European Golden Pea protein with natural flavours. No fillers, no added sugar, nothing artificial.