Some frequently asked questions – answered.
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Clean Lean Protein

  • Is Clean Lean Protein Vegan/Vegetarian friendly?

    The peas used in Clean Lean Protein are a vegetable source and the natural flavourings are all plant derived, making Clean Lean Protein 100% vegetarian and vegan.

  • Is Clean Lean Protein ok for Coeliacs?

    Yes. Clean Lean Protein is certified gluten free so it is safe for coeliacs.

Good Green Vitality

  • Can cancer patients take Good Green Stuff?

    There is no reason why cancer patients cannot take Good Green Stuff. The formula is designed as an every day nutritional supplement. It provides a comprehensive blend of whole food derived nutrients that simply help to provide a base of great nutrition. This will benefit anyone needing to ensure quality nutrition to support health and recovery (including cancer patients and those undergoing chemotherapy) whilst avoiding any potential problems of megadosing certain vitamins and mineral, which may be a concern. If undergoing chemotherapy please consult with your oncologist if you have any concerns about supplementation.

  • I have been diagnosed with Candida Albicans overgrowth. Can I take Good Green Stuff?

    Yes! The prebiotic and probiotic nature of Good Green Stuff makes it a great addition to an anti-candida strategy. It is also extremely low in sugar and is yeast-free. The general nutritional support provided by super-food greens, berries, herbs and added vitamins and minerals, and the ability to support detoxification processes and stress response make it a great choice for you.

  • I have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Can I take Good Green Stuff?

    Yes! Chronic Fatigue is often characterised by dysfunctional stress responses and impaired adrenal function. The general nutritional support, added vitamins and minerals and especially the ‰Û÷adaptogenic herbs‰Ûª which help the body to respond to stress more effectively can help the body in its recovery from Chronic Fatigue or Adrenal Fatigue.

  • I am currently undergoing chemotherapy, can I use Good Green Stuff?

    We always suggest that anyone undergoing any drug treatment should consult individually with a suitably qualified health practitioner to discuss their specific needs. Good Green Stuff, though, as a whole food based nutritional support formula may help the body to recover from chemotherapy. There is some discussion as to whether antioxidants may inhibit chemotherapy‰Ûªs effectiveness, however this discussion tends to involve the use of isolated and therapeutic doses of antioxidants, not whole food based formulas that provide general support for health and wellbeing.

  • Is Good Green Stuff safe for Coeliacs?

    Yes. Every batch of Good Green Stuff is independently tested for gluten and is certified as gluten-free. Some confusion exists due to the addition of the highly nutritive plants wheat grass and barley grass. It is important to remember that these are the growing portion of the plant ‰ÛÒ not the grain which contains gluten.

  • Is Good Green Stuff suitable for Vegans or Vegetarians?

    Yes, Good Green Stuff is suitable for both vegetarians and vegans. None of the ingredients in Good Green Stuff are derived from animal products.

  • Is Good Green Stuff Kosher?

    While not officially certified, the ingredients in Good Green Stuff and the manufacturing facility all comply with Kosher practices.

  • Is Good Green Stuff Paleo-friendly?

    Good Green Stuff is Paleo friendly. The challenge with legumes on a Paleo or Primal style diet is that ‰Û÷anti-nutrients‰Ûª that legumes contain. While the product contains pea protein, our patented isolation process effectively removes these (phytate, lectins, saponins and trypsin inhibitors) leaving a highly digestible protein free of the problems associated with legumes.

  • Is Good Green Stuff safe for Children?

    According to Australian and New Zealand regulations, Good Green Stuff is suitable for children aged 4 and over. However the dosage for children aged 4 ‰ÛÒ 14yrs is half that of an adult (1/2 teaspoon). Regulations may vary from country to country but, in any event, we do not recommend Good Green Stuff for anyone under the age of 4.

  • Is Good Green Stuff safe for diabetics?

    Good Green Stuff is completely safe for diabetics. There are less than 3 grams of carbohydrate per serve so the effect on blood glucose is minimal; and, at around 40 calories per serve, any effect on insulin in type 2 diabetics and those with metabolic syndrome and pre-diabetic disorders is almost nil. Good Green Stuff may even help those with diabetes due to the inclusion of ingredients such as chromium and green tea extracts that aid glycaemic control and improve insulin sensitivity.

  • I have recently been diagnosed with IBS. Will Good Green Stuff help me?

    Yes! Good Green Stuff will help to encourage more effective digestion due to its mucilaginous and soothing ingredients (such as slippery elm) and microbiotic ingredients that help to preserve proper levels of benficial bacteria in the bowel. Remember that the addition of foods that contain microbiotics and beneficial fibres can cause urgency or cramping if taken in too great an amount. The body needs a little time to adjust. We suggest starting on a reduced dose (1/2 dessert spoon) for a week and then increasing to the full dose. IBS almost always has other causative factors too, including stress and anxiety. Seek out a practitioner suitably qualified in the mind-body aspects of health to address this.

Ingredients & Formula

  • Is the beta-carotene in Good Green Stuff naturally derived or synthetic?

    Our beta-carotene is derived from an algal source (Dunaliella salina) that also provides other carotenoids; alpha-carotene, lutein and zeaxanthin.

  • Are the probiotics in Good Green Stuff still alive and viable?

    The best research we have to date shows that the viability of probiotic compounds is good for many months so long as the product is kept relatively cool. Be sure to keep the product in the bottom of the pantry or the fridge to preserve viability.

  • Why is there no Iron in Good Green Stuff?

    Iron is an essential mineral however it hasn‰Ûªt been added to our formula because a significant amount of people (especially middle-aged males) may in fact have iron levels that are too high rather than too low. Genetic iron overload (haemachromatosis) is also a relatively common genetic condition. High iron levels are very damaging to the body, encouraging oxidation linked to heart disease and pre-diabetic conditions. We suggest that anyone thinking about supplementing with iron has their levels checked and a suitable amount prescribed by a qualified health practitioner.

  • Is Vitamin D included in the formula?

    Vitamin D is an extremely important nutrient and one that many people need to supplement. We have included a vegan (algal derived) Vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol) that meets the dietary recommended intake. The alternative, generally used in supplements ‰ÛÓVitamin D2, is not what the body produces naturally (which is D3) and there are serious questions being asked about its use and efficacy. For example a recent meta-analysis by the Cochrane Database showed a mortality risk reduction in those using Vitamin D3, but not those using Vitamin D2.

  • I am sensitive to caffeine, is it ok for me to use the product?

    Due to their amazing antioxidant potential, Good Green Stuff contains green tea and cocoa bean extracts. While the antioxidants remain high, the caffeine content diminishes during the extraction process. Even without extraction, the maximum amount of caffeine that could be expected from the combined amount of green tea and cocoa used in Good Green Stuff would be under 7mg per serve (approx. 1/25th of a small brewed coffee). In reality, after extraction, the amount of caffeine is negligible. Good Green Stuff should be fine even for caffeine sensitive individuals.

  • Is Good Green Stuff Soy Free?

    Yes. Unlike many other products we use sunflower lecithin in place of the more common soy lecithin so that we can be sure our product is soy-free.

  • How is Good Green stuff labelled 'gluten free' when it contains barley and wheat grass?

    The barley and wheat grass in Good Green Stuff are the growing portion of the plant, not the grain. The grain is the part that contains gluten. Every batch of Good Green Stuff is tested for gluten and is certified gluten-free.

  • I have read that many foods and supplements are irradiated. How does this affect the Good Green Stuff formula?

    None of the ingredients in Good Green Stuff are irradiated! This would potentially damage the ingredients, reducing nutrient content and potentially causing allergenic problems. We do not irradiate our products.

Pregnancy & Breastfeeding

  • Is Good Green Stuff safe to take during pregnancy?

    There is nothing in Good Green Stuff that is contraindicated during pregnancy. We have designed Good Green Stuff to be a safe, every day formula for all adult populations. Note: Rosemary is contraindicated for pregnancy in high (therapeutic/herbal medical) doses but the miniscule amount in Good Green Stuff is completely safe.

  • Can I take Good Green Stuff while breastfeeding?

    According to our health advisors, Good Green Stuff is safe during pregnancy and breastfeeding and may help provide some of the additional nutritional requirements during this time. However, every individual is different and may have specific requirements or a need for special for caution. We always advise women who are pregnant or breastfeeding to seek independent advice from their health practitioner first.

  • I am pregnant and am concerned that there is kelp in Good Green Stuff. Could this affect my thyroid?

    The amount of kelp contained within Good Green Stuff is approximately 60mg, and the total iodine content of Good Green Stuff from kelp and marine algae is around 154mcg ‰ÛÒ equivalent to the daily dietary recommended intake for adults, but less than the recommended intake for pregnancy and breast-feeding . Iodine in adequate amounts is essential for creation of thyroid hormones. The amount in Good Green Stuff is supportive and should not cause adverse effects.

  • Does Good Green Stuff provide enough Folic Acid during pregnancy?

    Good Green Stuff contains Folate (methyltetrahydrofolate), the natural form of Folic Acid. Having enough L5MTHF (Folate) is imperative during pregnancy to help reduce the risk of neural tube defects in the baby. Many people lack the ability to completely convert synthetic Folic Acid into Folate. This is problematic not only because the body if not getting the nutritional and protective benefits, but un-metabolised Folic Acid has been shown to increase cancer tumour growth. The amount of added Folate in our formula, combined with that naturally sourced thought diet should be adequate for a healthy pregnancy however you should always consult with your health care practitioner.

Product & Usage

  • Why is the Good Green Stuff in powder form?

    There are several reasons why we decided to stick with powder as compared to pill or capsule form for Good Green Stuff: 1. Quantity - It is simply easier for us to get a viable dose in a scoopful of Good Green Stuff than taking the equivalent amount of capsules, which many people would find hard to swallow! 2. Destruction of nutrients in processing - The encapsulation and tableting processes introduce an extra level of processing that could potentially damage some of the nutrients and compounds in Good Green Stuff. 3. Ease of digestion - Powder products generally digest more efficiently and effectively as there is no capsule to first break down, plus we can avoid using artificial binders and fillers that would be needed to put the product into tablet form.

  • Why is there sometimes a little residue left in the glass when I take my Good Green Stuff?

    Good Green Stuff is refined only enough to make it mixable, whilst also preserving some of the more fragile nutritional compounds. Simply make sure that you continue to mix/swirl the glass whilst you drink. Inevitably, some of the heavier particles will naturally settle if you allow it to sit for a while before consumption.


  • I am interested in stocking Nuzest in my store. Do you offer wholesale accounts?

    If you are interested in stocking Nuzest products in your store, gym or clinic, please contact us on hello@nuzest.co.uk or contact us through the contact form on the website and someone from our sales team will be in touch.